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Thread: Melanotan Tanning Tips

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    Melanotan Tanning Tips

    In less than two weeks I'm going to start my very first cycle, and I was wondering what would be a good way to start tanning? Should you inject before you tan, or do you need to wait at least and X amount of hours before doing so? Also, I've read that your face tans a lot faster so would it be wise to cover my face for a certain amount of time while I tan? What spf is good to use when starting off? (Skin Type 1-2)

    I'm most likely going to tan outside, but is tanning in a bed a better option for optimal coverage and a more even tan? Should I wait to build up a base, then head for the beds?

    On a side note, do you guys know where I can pick up some bacteriostatic water? When I purchased my MT-2, they sent Sterile water. Will this stuff suffice?
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    Re: Tips for Tanning Fair Skin

    Good luck Iamthatis, inject before you tan, yes sir...timing is not overly important (results happen slowly over time) - definitely take care of your face, exercising particular caution to tanning the face & upper trunk of the body (legs and stomach often take greater effort to develop long-lasting suntan)

    Tanning outside for brief moments throughout the week is a nice luxury to have beyond the controlled synthetic sun-beds...which are just fine, arguably more safe. SPF 30 on the face and 20 on the body (along with melanotan peptide injection therapy) helps control results and keep potential of sunburn down & tanning up* 8)