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    Forum rules & posting guidelines


    To be able to post on this forum you would need to register first: to register click on the register link above and supply required information.
    To be able to wholly use the forum functions, you must accept the Forum terms of use as stated below.

    The General Rules:

    To register on this Forum a valid email address is needed. After supplying the required data and have agreed to the terms of use as stated below, you would be sent a validation mail which will contain a validation link. Ensure you complete the validation process to be fully registered as a member of the forum with full posting rights.
    Please when choosing a name or an avatar, be sure it does not violate the Forum rules.
    Note that the only acceptable language on this forum is English language.

    Using This Forum:

    Please note that we cannot completely check and monitor the contents posted on this forum, hence we are not responsible for the messages or contents posted on this forum. We cannot avouch or warrant the correctness, wholeness or usefulness of any posted content or message, and are not responsible for them. Posted contents and messages are the views of the poster and not necessarily that of the owners of the Forum. We have the enablement to remove any offensive or questionable contents and will speedily do so as soon as possible if we find out that they are removal worthy.
    Ensure you always preview and proofread your written contents or messages before posting. Avoid posting in all capitals, bold fonts, very large, unusual fonts and colors. Avoid misspellings and grammatical errors so that other members of the forum can easily understand your message.
    In addition to the stated rules, which apply to all sections of the Forum, there are additional guidelines and rules on some sections made sticky at the top of the respective sections. Please ensure you read and follow the rules and guidelines as well. Note that posting in any section in the forum you are automatically granting a license to the Forum to display the posted message or content publicly.

    If using the Forum, I agree to:

    1. Respect other members of the forum.
    Be always respectful towards other members of the forum and the moderators. If any member of the forum offends you with his/her post or you have a problem with any forum member, please contact the section moderator and inform them about it.

    2. Avoid flaming.
    Flaming which means posting destructively critical or abusive message, especially to provoke dissent or controversy is not allowed. Any flaming, irrelevant posting, inciting or stupid comments attempts will be deleted or closed. Violating this rule repeatedly will earn violators suspension or ban.

    3. No vulgar, profane or obscene posting.
    Posting any such as pornographic, gross, death, gory pictures and movies or link to any websites having such content will earn you a warning then a ban if offence occurs repetitively.

    4. No trolling on forum.
    Trolling can be said to be an act of intentionally antagonizing other forum members by posting inflammatory, controversial, irrelevant or off-topic posts with the main aim of provoking them into emotional response or to disrupt usual on-topic discussion.

    5. No multiple accounts registration without permission from Forum Administrator.
    Multiple accounts are allowed only under special conditions and permissible only by the forum administrator. Multiple accounts, not approved and are created with intention of attracting attentions, advertising on forum, disrupting forum, causing harm, or initiating flame wars on forum would earn defaulters irrevocable ban. If you repeatedly re-register multiple accounts, you will be reported to your ISP for spamming and violation of terms of service and your account revoked.

    6. No racism, tribalism, bigotry, and sexism.
    Posting slurs or degrading or abusive posts or comments against any forum member or group with regard to their race, nationality, tribe, political party, religion, culture, gender or sexual orientation is not allowed.

    7. Not posting defamatory comments or libels.
    Defamation is an act of injuring another forum memberís reputation by any slanderous post or false statement; the wrong of maliciously injuring the good name of another causing the person to suffer harm. Libel is a written or pictorial statement which unjustly seeks to damage one's good name or reputation.

    8. Not posting commercial or advertorial spams, promotional links, one's email or business addresses or links to one's site, unless with the permission of the Forum Administrator. Posting of other forum URL links, commercial or profit generating links, chain letters, MLM or HYIPS schemes, and other similar schemes, links and adverts are prohibited. Defaulters will be banned from the forum. Only approved advertisers are permitted to post links or addresses to their sites.

    9. Report posts that found wanting or violates these rules and or other rules guiding each section of the forum or flaming posts.

    10. Avoid spamming other members of forum via PM functions or emails. Doing so will earn spammers instant ban and a report will be made to spammers' ISP's and also to Spamcop. Legal action may also be taking against spamming site owners.

    11. Not placing, emails, phone numbers, company names or website links or addresses in signatures unless approved.

    12. Avoid discussing moderation activities publicly and openly in the forum; such include individual actions, general or specific policies and issues. Note that the Moderators' decisions here are final. Posting off-topic posts in a thread questioning a Moderator's decision is not allowed. Send the moderator PM if you wish to discuss individual actions or email the Forum Administrator if your wish to discuss any moderation policy.

    13. Avoid modifying or altering a forum member's post in your quoted reply. Doing so may result to suspension.

    14. Ensuring you post a new topic in the right section or category in the forum. Please contact a moderator for help if you are not sure of the right section to post your topic. Topics posted in the wrong sections will be removed without notice or warning. Be specific enough in your question or topic in the title.

    15. No source posting, source discussion, source advertising or openly source asking.

    16. That you must be 18 years and above be a member of this forum and to post in this forum.

    17. NO posting of pornographic nature pictures or messages. This includes pictures in your personal avatar, as well as links to porno websites.

    18. Donít post links of other community forums. This will be seen as advertising which is not allowed.

    19. Strictly no discussion about recreational drugs of any kind for any reason at any time.

    Although the rules cover most common situations and scenarios, they cannot fully cover or anticipate every possible occurrence or situation. Hence, we reserve the right to take any action we deem right and fitting to make sure every section of forum maintain law and order to avoid being disrupted or abused in any way by any forum member.
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