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Thread: igf1 lr3 mix with bac \ dosage

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    igf1 lr3 mix with bac \ dosage

    hey guys , so I'm a bit confused on how to mix my bac water of 30 ml and the igf1 lr3 1mg.
    i have 1ml insulin syringe 28 gauge 1/2
    a 3ml syringe.
    step 2. dosage
    how far should i reach on the mark of my insulin syringe? or more like how do you convert the measurements to get lets say 25 mcg out of your insulin syringe?
    i tried the calculator but i want to make sure from people that are highly knowledgable in it rather then me figuring it out alone.
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    hey, add 1ml of bac water to your 1mg lr3 vial = 0.1ml (10IU) - 100mcg

    if you want 25mcg then it's 2.5IU on your insulin syringe. Please use our peptide calculator

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