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Thread: SARMs and age...

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    SARMs and age...

    So I'm about to be 21 soon, and I'm on my 4th day of Ostarine at 25mg. Just read on evolutionary that SARMs shouldn't be touched until you're at least 24 though. Thoughts? Should I lay off SARMs?
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    I don't think you should stop your cycle just because you read somewhere that you shouldn't touch them until you are 24 years old. It's not recommended because your body is still growing and your testosterone is naturally high already, but if you have planned your cycle well, and do a proper PCT then I don't see a problem with using SARM's. It's the same with steroids - some say they are not recommended before you are 30 others say 25.
    But in reality I know alot of guys who started cycling steroids at 20 (orals mostly), without any PCT and are alive and feel fine. They are probably lucky, because actually they could run into alot of long term issues after that.

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