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Thread: IGF 1 timing

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    IGF 1 timing

    i just started my cycle of IGF-1 today and i did my first injection before the workout. Reason for this is that i do light cardio for 20 min after weights training and i am sure that by the time i get back home opportunity window as it's called will be gone. I really don't want to shoot in the gym toilets, that is last option. What do you do with your IGF?
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    igf 1 lr3 has long half life take it before workout and relax. Do some more reading on igf, there is plenty literature available on internet, educate yourself this way you will get most out of your igf spending money.
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    Are you talking about igf1 des? If so then yes, you will need to take it with you to the gym for best results, it's supposed to be shot in muscles trained right after workout.

    I suggest you to do cardio before weight training, you are robbing blood from muscles postworkout, but that's only my opinion
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    i am doing twice a day, 50 mcg in morning and 50 mcg post workout, that's 10 hours later, results are great. I know LR3 version of IGF has a fairly long half life, but i read that it's always better to split the doses, other people report better results doing this way, i don't know science behind it, but that appears to be real life experience of many.

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