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Thread: mgf and igf hit same receptors?

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    mgf and igf hit same receptors?

    does mgf and igf hit same receptors? I want to run mgf straight after i finish my igf 1 cycle and then after mgf back to igf again, idea is to keep going and make progress without taking time off.
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    them two are different growth factors...Mechano Growth Factor and Insulin like Growth Factor you can run them together if you like.

    One does not cancel other.

    Also igf-1 receptor down regulation is myth.
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    You can use MGF right after your IGF-1LR3 cycle, but it's not best scenario. They do attach to same receptors, take at least 1 week off after lr3 cycle and then you are good to go.

    IGF-1 receptors get saturated quickly and the they do not respond well to the IGF-1LR3 peptide. How you use your IGF-1LR3 peptide makes a big diffrence on how quickly your receptors will get saturated.

    Take it only on workout days, this way your body will be more receptive when its most needed.
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    IGF and MGF must be cycled want it or not. Everything needs to be cycled for best results, body gets used to whatever you put in it, give it some rest and it will be thankful

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