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Thread: can i take hcg when flying to Mexico

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    can i take hcg when flying to Mexico

    I am flying to Mexico in 2 weeks, can i take HCG with me or it might turn out to be a problem? Will be there for 2 weeks i want to take hcg every day while being there, can insulin syringes may cause problem with border control?
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    You try it and let us know but seriously syringes is just a peace of plastic with needle as long as you keep all that in check-in luggage you should not have any problems.
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    I don't see any reason why you could not take your medicine with you. It's not illegal man, relax. I take melanotan with me every time i am on plane, never had problem and i am not even afraid to answer questions if any arise.

    as zholtok said keep your stuff in checked in bag, i am positive you can't take needles with you in hand luggage as they are sharp, same as scissors.

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