I've ran 200mcg Melanotan 2 for 6 doses (once nightly) (1 or 2 may have been more like 100mcg because it leaked). I tanned once last Sunday the morning after starting and got a little burnt. I've gotten dark enough to have a tanline, but not what I would say is "very tan".

Today someone pointed out that I have a .75" darkish spot on my lower back. It looks like a birthmark almost. I also have a 8" oval of skin on my lower back that is a shade or two darker than the rest of me.

This has me very freaked out so I have stopped dosing. I'm worried that something is going to show up in a worse place like my face or chest. How long dose it take for Melanotan 2 to stop being active? (I am going on holiday to a hot region on Thurs and don't want to make it worse)

(I did get hot last night while sleeping if that could have any effect)

What precautions should I take? Is Melanotan 2 just a bad idea for me to use in the future?

Thanks for any help