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Thread: Needle-less injections??

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    Needle-less injections??

    Hi everyone,

    Not posted here before, but have been interested in using MT1 for quite a while (MT1 seems to have less risk attached). Finally decided to sit down and really question whether this is a viable option. I'm probably a skin type 2 (very pale, often burns, but pretty dark brown hair).

    I'm interested in this because the idea of being able to enjoy a holiday, or the sun in general, without constantly covering myself up is literally a dream. Plus not being so pale would be an added bonus.

    - Do we really know the long term effects of MT1/2? (any studies anyone knows of??) AND assuming it is safe, how can we confirm what's actually in what we receive, has anybody actually scientifically tested the contents of a vial from given suppliers? Who's reputable?
    - Could this in any way be considered a performance enhancer? I'm not a competitive athlete, but would like to think I could take part in drug tested competitions one day. Would this be a banned substance? (Absolutely not interested in how to beat/cheat tests - I simply don't want to touch anything that could be considered performance enhancing personally)
    - I hate needles

    Last point is the main reason for this thread. Had no idea needle-less injectors existed until very recently. A couple that I've seen are Insujet and Injex. My question is, has anybody tried these? Apart from the initial cost of buying the device, what are the additional costs of using this method?

    Any help on any of my concerns above would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks people!
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    Most people have no problem with long term usage of Melanotan, you probably won't find many studies about it but there are most likely some logs from people that use it for years.

    No this cannot be considered a doping.

    I haven't tried these "needle-less injectors", they seem too expensive for me, and subQ injections aren't painful for me..
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    I haven't tried melanotan 1, simply because melanotan 2 is just great for me, I have no side effects just nice bronze tan and long hard erections. In your place I would probably use small dose of melanotan 2 and see how I like it. I googled insujet and I think that nasal administration will be cheaper then buying 300$ device.

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