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Thread: Melanotan II overdose

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    Melanotan II overdose


    I readed realy good reviews about melanotan II so I tried it before my vacation to get darker skin tone. But I was taking realy high dosages (3-4.5mg) I`m now in Canary Islands and effect is insane!! I look like a negro and I have awkward boner every time I see my wife!!!!!! Not even talking about beach!! Is there any possibilities to get my skin tone back and control my erections?? ASAP!!
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    Hi, Brock.

    I am not really sure if you are serious or trolling. I know a guy who took 2mg of melanotan 2 and threw up several times after that, I believe that at dose of 4.5mg you would need medical help! And no dude, it is not possible to get your skin back to where you was before, you will have to wait till tan goes away, and it can take several months
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    I don't believe that you were taking 4mg at a time, you would have caused some serious liver damage and muscle breakdown!

    Here is an article about a man who injected 6mg and ended up in hospital!

    Overdose of Melanotan-II causes muscle breakdown
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    Your erections should be gone after 1-2 days after last dose and your tan will fade every week and should be gone in a few months.

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