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Thread: Melanotan 1 side effects

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    Melanotan 1 side effects

    I've been using Melanotan 2 in the past and wanted to get into it again now.
    After reading about a few weird (long-term) side effects here in this forum (immune disease, eye bleeding etc.) I'm wondering: Are there any proven long-term side effects also found in Melanotan 1? Or is this really the safer version?
    I'm not talking about the well-known short-term stuff like nausea but serious health risks in the long run.
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    Eye bleeding from melanotan 2? It's the first time I hear about this side effect, can you link me to that thread please?

    I've never bothered with melanotan 1 because I heard it's much less effective, that's why I don't know much about it.

    EDIT: think I found it

    but it the end of thread they came to conclusion that melanotan 2 was most likely not the cause of eye bleeding.
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    Melanotan I is much milder and safer version of this tanning peptide. I haven't used it, because when I was researching it, I found that it is less effective, more expensive, and harder to get that MTII. Also I love that Libido boost and spontaneous erections side effect from MTII.

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