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Thread: hgh for healing injury

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    hgh for healing injury

    Hi. I have a friend who has been a "natty" for over 10 years. But recently he injured his shoulder pretty badly (muscle tear probably), he can't train until it heals. I told him that HGH or peptides will definitely help to heal it faster and now he is interested.

    What I want to know is - will HGH help in his situation? At what dose should he use it? The main goal is faster healing but some body fat loss would be an additional benefit. He is 36 years old, not a bodybuilder but in a good physical shape.
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    It will most likely help, but I think that to begin with he should go to the doctor to understand what injury he has. If it's a muscle tear then I don't think he needs hgh or peptides, muscle tears heal pretty quickly on their own usually.

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