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Thread: my retarded friend was in glycemyc coma from insulin

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    my retarded friend was in diabetic coma from insulin

    I have a friend for who it's really hard to gain weight and muscle mass. He is using steroids but he have problems to gain as much as he wants anyway so I told him that he should try to add insulin to his steroid cycle. But that was just a suggestion and I told him to read a lot about it because it can literally kill you. I told him to use it in the morning and post workout with a lot of fast acting carbohydrates after every injection.

    Well, the problem is that insulin is very available in this country and you can easily get it at the pharmacy without a prescription. So after I suggested it to him, he went to the pharmacy and bought insulin.

    The reality is that he doesn't even know what foods have carbohydrates in it, and he injected it without any carbs at all.

    I told him how to know when you are getting hypo and then he must eat or drink carbs immediately. But the guy is not listening.

    Next day he injected himself with 5iu's in the morning and went to work without eating breakfast. Once he started driving to work he started to feel dizzy and very light headed. He stopped next to McDonald's to get some food, but he was unable to eat in time and passed out, and was actually in the glycemyc coma for about 5 hours. Good thing that his friend was together with him, and he knew that he used insulin. He told that to doctors and they injected him something and he woke up after few hours without any health issues. But he got pretty scared and said that won't ever use insulin again.

    Moral of the story - don't use insulin if you are stupid.
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    That's what happens when you put stuff in your body that you know nothing about. Insulin is very advanced drug and you should be training and use steroids for at least 5 years before even considering using it. Doc's in the hospital probably gave him Glucagon, it's the hormone that causes the liver to quickly release sugar into bloodstream.
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    This story sounds like fake, I simply can't believe that someone who doesn't know what a carbohydrate has used insulin lol.
    If it's true then your friend is definitely stupid but he is also really lucky to be alive. Also, he doesn't what a carbohydrate is and he says that it's hard for him to gain weight? He shouldn't even touch steroids in my opinion.
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    What an idiot your friend is, and also why the hell did you suggest him to use insulin if he doesn't even understand what carbohydrate is.

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