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Thread: Becoming tanned - have small white patches of vitiligo on my hand

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    Becoming tanned - have small white patches of vitiligo on my hand


    I have only used about 7mg of melanotan 2 and getting a great tan, however it has brought some small white patches of vitiligo on my right hand and two small white spots on my forehead.

    Does anyone else on this forum get anything like this? and recommend anything for it?

    Will it eventually go darker, or is lotion / cover the only option?

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    My girlfriend had a similar issue as well, it's not vitiligo, it's probably a skin fungal injection, you can get it really easily when using sun beds. Go to the doctor and show him the patches, he will probably prescribe you some medication. And no, they won't go darker, the more tanned you will become, the more noticeable they will be.

    It's called Tinea Versicolor and people get it mostly by using sun beds, always make sure it clean sun bed before using it.
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