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Thread: peptide bridge between aas cycles

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    peptide bridge between aas cycles

    Good evening guys.

    What is your opinion of using GHRP-2 as a bridge between steroid cycles for the economy? Let's say I cycle steroids - use them for 3 months then PCT and don't use for 2 months. Basically 3 months on - 3 months off. Would it be beneficial to use peptides during the 3 months I'm not on steroids? Would they help me to keep all the gains I made during AAS cycle, or maybe even help me to gain some more lean body mass?
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    I know many people that do this. And yeah it's a great strategy to use peptides while off steroids. They might even make you leaner and help with recovery from the workouts. So yeah, do it, bro. But it would be much better to use GHRP together with GHRH because you will benefit much more from the synergy effect they give.

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