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Thread: Do we really need to use HCG on cycle?

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    Do we really need to use HCG on cycle?

    Up to now, I have always used small doses of HCG throughout a steroid cycle to avoid ball shrinkage, or sometimes I start it in the last few weeks of my cycle and finish before starting post cycle therapy. It really helps with testicular atrophy, when I use it all the way through cycle my balls doesn't shrink at all but when I start using it at the end of the cycle it's really easy to get the size back.

    My thoughts are - Once I have finished my cycle, stopped using HCG and started PCT after about a week my balls shrink again and stay small till I finish my post cycle therapy. So I am thinking - what is the point to have normal size balls during a cycle if they shrink once again when I stop using HCG?

    After reading some more it seems that HCG is needed though because it stimulates the balls to produce test by simulating Leutenizing hormone. What doesn't seem logical is - what's the point to use it during a cycle if they shrink on PCT anyway, when it's the most important to produce testosterone and get your hormones work again.

    I have also heard that IGF-1 could possibly prevent balls from shrinking and also get them back in size a lot quicker similar to HCG. But I don't understand how it's possible and by what mechanism it would happen?
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    HCG is really worth it because of a few reasons

    keeps your balls at the same size
    increases your sexual desire
    help you recover much faster and easier after your cycle
    increases test

    So I don't think there is a reason why not to use it, it's also pretty cheap.
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    Yes, you need HCG.

    When your balls get a bit smaller on PCT it doesn't mean that they have fully atrophied.
    As soon as your pituitary gland begins secreting Luteinizing and Follicle Stimulating Hormones, your testicles will start to produce testosterone again.
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    I don't see why not use it, it is cheap and it definitely helps with recovery and as you know PCT is the most vital part of a cycle, the faster you will get your hormones back to normal levels, the more gains you will keep.

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