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Thread: tried igf-1lr3 yesterday

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    tried igf-1lr3 yesterday

    I have decided to try out IGF-1LR3.

    I'm very confident that my IGF is high-quality stuff because I'm familiar with my sources quality
    I started yesterday and injected 25mcg of it subQ before my workout.
    I was training legs yesterday and felt like my stamina was much higher, I felt like a beast. Usually, I feel light-headed when training legs but this time was different my rest time between sets was much lower.

    Today I did the same thing - injected 25mcg subQ before my workout. I was training chest, shoulders, and biceps. I did a huge amount of reps and felt like I can keep going and going. Usually, I take pretty long rests between sets but on IGF-1 I'm ready to lift again in 30 seconds. Stamina is crazy on this stuff. Also, the pump was pretty sick on it.

    I am also using GHRP-2 + Mod GRF1-29 3x times a day

    Will use 25mcg of IGF-1LR3 from now on.
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    Hmm, I have used IGF-1LR3 but didn't notice any of the increased endurance you report. I found that it's pretty good for healing and it allowed me to lift without feeling any pain in my joints but none of the endurance effects...

    Now I am thinking is your IGF-1LR3 simply much better quality? Or maybe it wasn't IGF-1 I bought because I'm not so confident in my source.

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