I did a small experiment with DSIP and found that it's not that I'm looking for.

I was injecting 2 hours before going to sleep and started with 200mcg dose. I wasn't using it every day but was testing different doses and how they affect me. 200mcg up to 1000mcg.

It seems to improve sleep quality and induces sleep as well but only at higher dosages. Didn't feel any difference on 200mcg. It starts working after about an hour. Felt fine in the morning, just a slight fatigue when I used higher doses.

Honestly, I don't have a real problem with my sleep quality. What I'm looking for is a drug that would help me to sleep less while feeling great the next day. I found that DSIP doesn't do that if I woke up after 6 hours on DSIP I still felt really sleepy and tired. It might help someone who has sleeping issues though. There's a lot of research done on this peptide so if you are interested in it then make sure to read some studies before using it.