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Thread: is anyone using HMG for PCT?

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    is anyone using HMG for PCT?

    Has anyone used HMG? For PCT or increasing fertility and did it work?

    What doses are recommended for this and does it needs to be injected every day?

    I'm simply thinking about using steroids but like usually I'm very worried about my fertility because I am also planning a kid in a year or so. I've been reading that it helps to recover from ass and increases fertility. If it really helps then I can use steroids without stressing. Would love to hear some info from people that has used it.

    I've read that someone used it on PCT and after 2 weeks of 100iu/day HMG he was fully recovered and sperm quality was also better.
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    I'm pretty interested as well, as I and my partner have been trying to conceive the child for the last 8 months with no success, I haven't used any steroids in the time period but have used some stuff previously with no PCT. Seems like I never truly recovered because my libido isn't too good as well. I haven't done any fertility tests yet, my partner is going to do them soon and if it appears that she is alright then I might get some HMG because I've heard that it improves sperm quality and quantity as well.
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    It's pretty hard to find someone who used it because it is very expensive. And because of that, it's often mislabeled with HCG... If I remember correctly one vial of 75iu HMG costs 30$. And it comes only in 75iu vials while after bodybuilders after a heavy steroid cycle would need at least 150iu/day.

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