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Thread: Igf-2?

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    Has anyone used IGF-2? I have read a lot about IGF-1 but the first time I heard about IGF-2 is when I saw it in some peptide shop. Did anyone try this? I tried to look it up on google before asking in here but didn't find any logs and overall, not much about it.
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    It's the first time I hear about it, also can't find any info, is it even real or are they simply using IGF-1 good name for it? There should be some information on the web and also some reviews from people that have used it but there aren't any. So I am doubtful if it's even legit.
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    I have used it once because the company sent it to me as a gift. It was a few years ago and I used it pre workout in the muscles trained but didn't notice much apart from the pump and slight appetite increase, so in my opinion, it is a waste of money. Too expensive to use it just for a good pump, I recommend to stay away from it before it is better researched.

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