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Thread: expired HGH

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    expired HGH


    My mother is using HGH for anti-aging purposes (without a prescription).

    She is using a really good brand manufactured in the EU. But the problem is that it is going to expire in a few days. Is it safe to keep using it? How long it's fine to use HGH after it has expired?

    She is using only 1iu before going to bed.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I wouldn't worry about it if the HGH was good at the beginning and it was stored correctly then I don't think that you will have problems if it has passed expiration date. Most drugs can be used safely for far longer than expiry date. Honestly, if it was a good HGH then I'd take it even after a year after it's expired because the only real thing that can happen with it is degradation and loss of potency but even if it's only 50% as it used to be, I'd still use it.
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    I would use it as well, in the worst case scenario it will simply not be effective but hell, it cost hundreds or even thousands. How much-expired HGH does she have?
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    It's totally ruined and it is dangerous to use HGH after the end of the expiry date. You should throw it out but before you do that, tell me where you gonna throw it out..

    I'm only joking, it should be fine.

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