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Thread: How to know if your HGH is real?

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    How to know if your HGH is real?

    There are way too many counterfeit, bunk and underdosed HGH in the market these days but it is quite simple and cheap to test if your is HGH legit or not. There are many private laboratories where you can go in and get the blood drawn.

    The test is very simple. Inject a high dose of your HGH - about 10iu's and after about 3 hours go do a blood test. Test for GH serum. That blood test cost 20 euros in my country but it might be different in yours.

    If you are getting HGH from a new source then I recommend to always buy a sample at first and do this test before buying multiple kits because you can save a lot of money by not getting scammed and it's very easy and cheap to do this test.

    From experience, I can say that 10iu's of pharmacy grade HGH should increase GH serum levels to 15-50ng/ml
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