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Thread: MK-677 long term side effects?

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    MK-677 long term side effects?

    My brother is going to the gym and wants to try some supplements. He is 19 years old.

    I am thinking about giving him some MK-677 but would like to ask if it has any adverse long term health effects? He would use it for 3 months then take a month off and repeat. I know that MK-677 can make you retain water and increase appetite but are there any harmful effects?

    Many thanks.
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    I think that the only problem with MK-677 is high prolactin levels. While I haven't heard of many reports about high prolactin levels from MK-677, potentially they can get too high and I have also heard of cases where people developed gyno from MK-677. Symptoms of high prolactin levels are ED (Erectile dysfunction), gynecomastia, decreased muscle mass. I remember reading that someone had issues with achieving erection while using MK-677 but after coming off it returned to normal. Anyway, if your brother wants to be completely safe while using MK-677 then it might be a good idea to get some anti-prolactin drug like Cabergoline.
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    Yeah, the only think you should worry about is prolactin. But the prolactin becomes a problem usually on higher dosages. As your brother is still quite young then he would benefit from 10-15mg of MK-677, he doesn't need the usual 25mg's in my opinion. Also, the 10-15mg dose will give him good growth hormone increases with almost no side effects.

    I don't see the reason to take one month off after 3 months, he can take a few days off after some time but a month is not needed. MK-677 and other growth hormone secretagogues need to be used continuously for best effects, that on and off cycling will give you far fewer benefits.
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    Increased prolactin could cause a gynecomastia but as far as I know, MK-677 doesn't increase the prolactin levels to the point where you need to use anti prolactin drugs like caber or prami. If you use MK-677 at a maximum of 25mg's per day then it raises prolactin levels but within the normal range.
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    Yes, Mk is great for him. MK-677 can improve a users muscle size gains. This is used by bodybuilders to achieve bigger muscles while trying to increase lean body mass. Users take it orally once a day, which is proven to be effective when achieving a gradual change in your physical appearance. It improves body shape by building your muscles.

    This product can also improve your endurance. If you want to level up your running times, or maybe get more results during weightlifting sessions, then you should try MK-677. Because of this product, more users are able to improve their sleep. According to studies on both young and elderly, people who take MK-677 daily showed an improvement in the quality of sleep and better rapid eye movement sleep duration.
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    Bloating or edema means water retention; this is one of the main complaints given by some users. Is this water retention due to the product itself, or because of the increased appetite that is also an effect of MK-677? Since the increase in appetite and water retention are major side effects of this product, one definitely affects the other. But water retention is the cause of bloating especially in the lower extremities.

    According to the most experienced users, MK-677 can cause edema during the first 2 weeks of usage. Let the body adjust with the compound and the water retention will just subside. After those first 2 weeks, water retention will not be noticeable anymore. In order to reduce water retention, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day. Minimizing your sodium intake can also help.

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