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Thread: peptides vs generic hgh

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    peptides vs generic hgh

    How do you think guys, which one would be more cost efficient for muscle building and fat loss effects?

    GHRP-2 + Mod GRF(1-29) or CJC1295 DAC 3 times a day


    Generic HGH 4iu's/day

    I have used both, the hGH and peptides but I used HGH for only 3 months so can't really compare the results because I've heard that hGH needs to be used for at least 6 months. Anyway, I got better results from using peptides. The cost and availability were also far better.

    Any other opinions?
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    In my opinion, peptides are much more cost efficient and a lot easier to get.

    Although, I haven't had any experience with pharmacy grade HGH, only the generic. From the reports I've read, pharmacy grade HGH is far better than peptides and given the price, I believe that it is true. But I will probably never try out pharma grade because the price is ridiculous, I'm not going to pay thousands for some magic drug when I can spend that money way better somewhere else. I like the results I'm getting from peptides so far and wouldn't change them for some unknown brand, quality, generic GH.
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    Peptides all the way!

    The times when it was worth messing with generic HGH are over since peptides were discovered. I see absolutely no point in messing with generic hgh when it costs much more than peptides, there is a HUGE risk of getting scammed and you can achieve same or even better results from peptides.
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    If it's generic HGH than GHRP-2 and Mod GRF(1-29) if it's pharmacy grade than HGH. I haven't used HGH for almost a year, mainly due to the cost and availability issues.
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    It really depends on the quality of your product. You can have good quality generic GH and it will be better than GHRP+GHRH, the problem is that most HGH is faked very often so there is a huge chance of getting scammed. GHRP+GHRH aren't faked commonly because they are fairly cheap.

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