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Thread: blood work

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    blood work


    I wanted to test my growth hormone and testosterone levels so I went to the doctor and asked for a test. She quickly checked me, asked a few questions and told me that I don't have any symptoms of low testosterone or growth hormone so she won't request the blood work to me. My question is, can you simply go into some lab that does a blood test and get it done without an arrangement?

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    Where do you live? I live in the UK and there are a lot of private blood test labs that will do a blood work for you without asking any questions. The last time I did it, it cost 40 to check testosterone levels and about 50 for GH serum test. If you search in google a blood test near your location I'm sure that you will find some private lab.
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    There are lots of labs that will test your blood all over the world. In my location, it costs 20eur for a male hormone test (for testosterone) and about the same for GH serum test. It's really cheap in here but I have heard that in places like the USA it is far more expensive if you don't have the insurance. You don't need arrangement there simply go in, tick which test you need, pay, draw blood and they sent you the results to email.
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    My wife and I ordered this test ( They use Quest Labs. (This is for the US).

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