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Thread: IGF-1 questions

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    IGF-1 questions

    I have received my IGF-1 LR3 and plan to use 50mcg's a day. I still have some questions about mixing and reconstituting it. Most peptides are mixed with bacteriostatic water but as I understand, IGF-11LR3 needs to be mixed with AA and I also received it together with IGF.

    1) Do you mix it with AA and then dilute it with Bacteriostatic water or simply inject that AA solution?

    2) What is the recommended cycle length? I have read that IGF-1LR3 needs to be cycled - one month on, one month off.

    3) Is 50mcg a good dose? Also, I've heard that many people experience hypo symptoms from IGF-1 LR3, would I get these on 50mcg dose?

    4) Best time to take it? prior to workout, after or any time of the day?

    5) Where do you inject? Subq or IM? Anywhere or in the muscles trained?

    6) Is there anything else I should be aware of before I start using IGF-1?
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    1. Yes, AA is recommended with IGF-1 LR3 because it is more stable in it and IGF-1 won't last long enough in bac water or sterile water. You don't need to dilute your AA solution with anything else.

    2. Yes, it is recommended to cycle IGF-1 LR3 because receptors get saturated and you won't get effects if you use longer. If you don't use IGF-1 every day then you can run it for longer.

    3. Never had any issues with hypo from IGF-1 and I have tried higher doses.

    4. IGF-1LR3 has a half life of 20-30 hours so the time doesn't really matter.

    5. I know that some guys are injecting IGF-1LR3 in the muscle worked PWO but I don't think there is any point in it. Injections in the muscles trained are beneficial with IGF-1DES for spot growth because of its short half life but as IGF-1 half life is much longer, that shouldn't make a difference.

    6. Can't really think of anything
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    1) To be fair, bacteriostatic water works just as good as Acetic Acid and also doesn't hurt as much as AA. So if you have bac water then use it to mix IGF-1, if you don't have it then use your AA.
    2) Some people take it 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off but 4 weeks on/4 off is a more popular protocol.
    3) I haven't heard of anyone going hypo on IGF-1LR3, it certainly isn't a common side effect.
    4) The injection times doesn't matter with IGF-1LR3 because the half life of it is almost 30hrs.
    5) From reading many logs I've seen people injecting in the trained muscles but based on their results, I don't think it made a difference.

    What are your goals?

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