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Thread: LGD-4033 first time experience

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    LGD-4033 first time experience

    Just finished my 8-week LGD-4033 cycle and would like to share my experience I will try to keep this post short.

    I used LGD-4033 in a liquid form and running it at 5mg's from start to finish.

    Stats when I started my cycle:

    Age: 28
    Bodyfat %: 15
    Weight: 81kg
    Height: 180cm

    Diet: 2,7-2,9k kcalories, 45% carbs, 35% protein, 20% fats. Used Creatine, Glutamine, BCAA's and multivitamins. I have also been on GHRP-2+Mod GRF(1-29) for quite some time, started it 2 months before LGD-4033.

    I will tell you about the effects of LGD-4033 I experienced now.

    WEEK1: Not really sure if it was placebo or not but I started to notice effects from the first week and they were - better mood and increased stamina at the gym. I usually take about 3-4 minutes between heavy sets but on LGD I decreased that time to 1-2 minutes. Might be placebo because I've read that LGD starts working around 3rd week.
    WEEK2: My stamina continued to get better and I was pretty sure that it's not placebo by then. I also noticed increased pumps during workouts on the 2nd week.
    WEEK3: Started to notice increased appetite and I wasn't eating as clean as I should be but I actually looked leaner than before I started LGD-4033. Probably the combination of GHRP/GHRH and LGD-4033 let me eat more and stay lean. Stamina was still incredible.
    WEEK4: Haven't really noticed any strength or muscle gains yet but I can push myself more at the gym due to increased stamina.
    WEEK5: That's when I started to notice a slightly lean body mass gains. My upper body looked fuller, rounder and more muscular. My goal isn't really to gain size in legs because I naturally have good leg muscles.
    WEEK6: This is the time when I started to see increases in my lifts and I kept gaining muscle mass.
    WEEK7: Slightly injured my shoulder during a workout Couldn't train shoulder and chest properly for the rest of the week.
    WEEK8: My shoulder felt better and I was going to the gym 6 days on the last week to try and get most of my LGD cycle in the finish.

    Stats after I finished this cycle:
    Weight: 86kg
    Bodyfat%: 14%

    I'm pretty satisfied with the results I got from my first LGD-4033 run and I'm currently in a mini-PCT of Nolvadex at 20mg and I'm going to run it for 2 weeks.
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    Great results dude, let us know if you are able to keep them after you finish your post cycle therapy. Did you feel any suppression at all on 5mg's? And what happened with libido while using LGD-4033? Did it lowered, increased or stayed the same?

    I am looking to start a similar cycle, many thanks for sharing your experience.
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