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Thread: MK-677 for females

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    MK-677 for females

    I'm sorry if this has been answered before but can MK-677 be used by women and are there any specific side effects? My wife has used HGH Fragment for fat loss purposes before but she didn't like the injecting part. What would be the recommended dose for women? As far as I know, 25mg is the recommended dose for men, is it the same for women or smaller?

    I don't see why women couldn't use it but simply want to be sure that there won't be any issues.
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    Yeah, using MK-677 is completely fine for women. The side effects are completely the same in males and females. The only thing why females wouldn't want to use it is because of the water retention. They usually stress about every pound on the scales and in the beginning, MK-677 will make them gain weight. Dosage is also the same but I would start lower, with 10-15mg to see how it affects her, what side effects she experiences and to help control the water retention. If the side effects on 10-15mg are bearable than increase the dose up to 25mg's.
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    My girlfriend is currently using 12,5mg's of MK-677 and loves it. She has been on it for a month and has already noticed sleep, skin improvements and it also helps her with fat loss, along with keto diet. She didn't notice bloating but that might be because she is on keto? I'm not sure about it though. She is not going to increase the dose because she sees good results on 12,5mg

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