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Thread: Help! HGH Fragment 176 - 191 - weird panic attacks!!

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    Help! HGH Fragment 176 - 191 - weird panic attacks!!


    Newbie here! Looking for some help.


    I started HGH Fragment 176-191, this is my third day.

    Dosage is 1 x 250mcg on awake @ 06:30 and 1 x 250mcg @ 10:30.

    I intermittently fast daily for 12 hours from 20:00 through to 12:00 the next day. So both Frag injections are during the fast period.

    I am also taking BPC 157 @ 250mcg upon awake @ 06:30 in my right elbow for Golfers elbow.

    Upon awake I have 2 cups of Coffee.

    Today I had my first injection and Coffee. Around 30 Minutes later, from our of nowhere, I was overwhelmed with what I thought was a terrible Panic Attack. In addition to the general Panic attack feeling, my hands and legs were tingling vividly, almost like I had taken a strong stimulant. I was cold, and hot, I felt like I wanted to pass out, almost as if I had low blood sugar levels, a feeling of disconnection / confusion. The feelings were so strong and intense that I was damn worried.

    I attempted to calm myself down, trying to get a handle on my breathing, cold water, pacing, talking to myself etc etc etc

    I also ate some carbs, drank as much water as I could.

    The feelings would come in waves, and each wave getting weaker in intensity. All in all they lasted around 5 hours with the strongest waves around 08:00 - 10:00. It's now 18:30 and I still feel rough.

    So my question to you guys is, has anyone else had this issue? Surely I'm not the only one??

    What the hell is it?

    Any help would be extremely appreciated?


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    Sounds like Hypoglycemia?

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