I have been battling this issue for very long and I need help. This has been ongoing ever since March this year. The lump is growing more and more.

I have been off steriods for 1 year, 6 months. Gyno went down last year but it flared up this Match.

All the while, I have been only taking 10iu of HGH from Keifei, nothing else.

I stopped HGH for 2 months since March and when I started to intake 3:1 EPA to DHA fish oil, the lump flared up more.

As I was trying for a baby since January, I have been taking supplements like Zinc, Selenium, Horny Goat weed and Maca. It flared up even more. I stopped taking supplements here and there but it doesnt help.

Months passed and now, I am using CJC without dac + IPA, 2x a day and found the lump developing developing even more.

I need help on what is happening. I feel it is prolactin gyno.