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Thread: First time injecting mt2, I seem to suck in a lot of air..

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    Unhappy First time injecting mt2, I seem to suck in a lot of air..

    I just injected my first 150-200mg injection, the only problem that I have is that when I suck in the mixed mt2 (I mixed with with 4ml of bac water) I suck in a lot of air instead of pure mt2.
    The mt2 bottle is filled up with water, I insert the insulin needle (0.5cc syringe) straight away right when I remove the plastic coverage.
    I wanted to withdraw 0.1cc to make it 250mg for the first time but I couldn't do it since I could only draw 0.06cc, when I tried to withdraw more it was air and was pulled back in the bottle when I have let the plump go and stopped sucking in the mt2.
    eventually I pulled it as the 0.1cc mark, pushed the air outside till I saw a drop of a reached 0.05-0.06cc again..then I injected it.

    I never injected any air into the bac water of the the mt bottle, idk what is happening.

    Please help.

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    Why did you mix it with 4ml of bac water? Most including myself mix it with 1ml.
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    Have you tried injecting some air into the bottle and the withdrawing mt2? It should work.

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