Hey fellas. I was hoping to get some advice regarding peptide use for my first fat loss cycle of peptides. I've gathered that Frag 176-191 is a often recommended peptide but is there another(s) that I should be using?

Currently, I plan on using 250 mcg of Frag prior to am cardio 4 days per week. The second dose of Frag has left me a little unsure though. I currently weight train 5x per week (all around 6pm) so I was considering taking a second dose prior to these sessions but the empty stomach guideline is what has me wondering. How long should I space my afternoon meal prior to an injection of Frag? Is 2 hours sufficient? Or is a longer space necessary?

Alternatively, I could take my second dose of Frag post-workout and then have a mostly protein meal about an hour later before bed. Of these 2 ideas, which is preferable?

On days I do not weight train I was thinking a morning injection and then another one roughly 5 hours later. Is this a solid strategy?

Diet will be roughly 10x bw calories with 1g protein/lb of bodyweight and the remaining calories divided up in a 2:1 ratio of carbs to fats.

Any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.