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Thread: Stacking Igf DES1 and MGF with INSULIN

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    Stacking Igf DES1 and MGF with INSULIN

    Hi guys, I need a bit help,..was never a big fan of peptides, so I have not much experience with it exept IGF1.
    Im stacking now DES with insulin,..des 50mcg before workout, and insulin right after my workout 8-10iu depend on how much carbs I have.
    Im using now DES for 6 weeks, can I go longer with it, or is it better to make a short break, and in that time continue with MGF ?
    Second question - If it's ok to go longer with DES, can I use it together with MGF - in that case, DES before workout, and MGF 20-30mins after.. Insulin stays right after my workout, and what's the ideal dosage for MGF ?
    As I said, did never use any other peptides exept Des and LR3..
    Im not a rookie, Im a heavyweight competitor - cca 95-96kg on 175cm if it means anything for detrermine the dosage.

    I hope my english is good enough for u to understand me
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