I took 0.25 mg of PT-141 and subsequently ended up in a severe anhedonic major depressive episode which has continued past the induction.

My HAM-D scores are over 30.

This is how it went:

Pinned 0.25 mg PT-141

1 hour later got nauseous and fatigued. Took a nap

3 hours later I wake up and I am anhedonic and emotionally numbed. This causes massive massive anxiety. This is also when my libido was high and I got spontaneous erections but I didnt care

Tried to sleep it off and the next day woke up apathetic. Also food had no taste and I was anhedonic.

Since that day things have not gotten better and I am anorexic and anhedonic. My libido crashed too. I have a blank mind and I have dropped out of college.

I am considering ECT even. Tried Ketamine infusions and even they could not reverse the severe Bremelanotide depression.

Melanocortins are incredibly dangerous. I got this peptide from a doc too and not just a random peptide vendor. Worst decision of my life.

I became suicidal because of a 1 time use of PT-141.