I'm thinking of using TB500 and BPC157 for a cycle. I do ju jitsu and have sustained a few elbow and knee injuries. Elbow has tendonitis I believe. With the knee I strained badly my MCL and ACL resulting in myself not being able to do much for around 6 months. My knee is much better now but I can feel it is not the same as prior to the injury. I have a couple of other niggles which are noticeable if I lift heavy especially my left rotator cuff. Would the TB500 and BPC 157 help with these injuries? also how long should they be run for?
How many vials of say 2mg TB500, BPC157 would I require for the cycle? How much bacteriostatic water would I have to reconstitute each vial with? and lastly how much of the vial would I inject and how frequently?
Apologies if that's too many questions in one post. Hopefully you can spare some time to reply.
Thanks in advance for any responses.