Hello everyone!

Im a complicated case. Im 25 years old and i suffer from Post-Finasterid-Syndrome since 2015. I have all bad sexual effects and the worst one is a penile atrophy (penile scarring) which has been diagnosed by an ultrasonic test. I've lost the half size in length and girth (in flaccid and erect state!!!)in compare to my Pre-PFS-TIme. Its crazy and depressing. I also tried PT-141 and Melanotan 2 for better erections but the results were not good enough to have sex. So i tried to accept that most depressing thing that i've ever experienced. But its so hard to see how i continue to loose tissue and my penis becomes smaller every month. There are no studys about penile fibrosis and reversing this, but ive red some interesting informations about the peptide GHK-CU.

Do you guys think that to inject GHK-CU could help to reverse my penile scarring and to get my old penis size back?? Don't worry i will not try stupid things whitout professional help.

Please take that question serious, i'm not making a stupid joke, this hell is reality.

Would be very happy to hear some answers,

Best greets!