Using SARMs in a nonregulated manner will also cause a tip in the balance and will be the cause of different sets of problems for the body.

S4 (Andarine): The Future of SARMs

S4 handIn the market, S4 holds a certain reputation along with three other SARM products. And because its efficiency, it is hailed as one of the top four most recommended choices.

Formulated originally for therapeutic purposes, it made its way to the bodybuilding community and stayed there.

It was first known as the drug that helps with the treatment of osteoporosis, bloated prostate, and muscle wasting diseases like HIV.

It may not be considered the most potent among the four but Andarine excels in other aspects. Its steroid-like effects is what most professionals want.

It behaves like a steroid in the sense that it can help with losing weight. In fact, there are several professionals incorporating this in their cutting cycles. When you wish to bulk-up, you’ll have to remove the layers of fats that are in the body for you to put on proper mass without any difficulties.

Expert suggested dosage

Standard dosage stands at 50 mg to 75 mg for an interval of five days per week. The maximum cycle lasts up to 12 weeks. The recommended dosage per meal is 25 mg. This will keep you guided and precise with the doses and schedules

The side effects you may want to know

There’s a reason why you must follow the prescribed dosage. Undesirable things are bound to happen to the body if you exceed the limit. The body has its own limits. And properly respecting the amount of Andarine it can endure is imperative.