hi Volk!
i have a question concering application of peptide tb500.
I have serious shoulder problem, therefore i am using this peptide..
I am applicating subcutaneous injection (into subcutis) in shoulder area under coracoid process between front and middle deltiod 2mg every 3 day..
Question is, from time to time i hit a capillar, some minor vessel. When i do so, i immedialty see little blood pouring during application, i was prociding nevertheless..
Recently i read some posts elswhere, where is stated that i should change spot, bcs the medice will flow out with the blood... IS that correct?

and second question is, that what is your opinion of local application of peptide tb500 does it bring better healing progress than application in abdomen fat?

and last Q, i have fu**ed up my subscapularis muscle, do you know about any better place for application than the one i said above? like in armpit or ? Bcs muscleis well hidden on humerus under delts and alll the tissue and i want maximum healing effect out of my tb500..

(sorry for grammar Volk, i am from Slovakia)