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Thread: Nasal Spray for less anxiety?

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    Nasal Spray for less anxiety?


    I have used MT2 for the past 2 years with some wonderful results, for the first time ever I have been able to enjoy staying out in the sun all day and getting a tan.
    However I find i get very anxious when on MT2 and i think it may be caused by the injections, things such as feeling nervous and feeling as if something is going to go horribly wrong, I am constantly checking my heartbeat and overthink everytime I get a random headache or not feeling 100%.
    Because I am a very anxious person i dose very low (100-200mcgs) which worked incredibly well for me it just took a long time (2 Months).

    This year i was thinking of trying out the nasal spray instead as i feel as if i will not be as anxious and not worry as much about injecting something inside me, I know it is apparently 50% effective but as I said i have had some wonderful results with very low doses just after a long time.

    Could anyone give me some experiences they have had with the nasal spray, i would really really appreciate some responses as I hate the anxious feeling i get with injections.

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    I have heard about nasal spray in the past. But honestly I didn't try it yet. This one is good and can give your better results.
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    Hi, im new and im trying to find a good suplier.. can someone pm me?

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