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Thread: Melanotan 2 one week update + questions

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    Melanotan 2 one week update + questions

    Skin type between 1-2, light blonde hair I decided to try a vial of mt2 simply to see if it could induce hair and beard darkening. I'm not interested in darkening my skin at all. Based on what I've read hair darkening is more likely with frequent injections, so I figured that if I use a low-dose of 0.2mg EOD I could avoid any significant skin darkening, seeing as how I work indoors and don't spend long periods of time in the sun. I've seen people claim that sunlight is necessary to activate the tanning effect of mt2, so imagine my shock this morning to see a light golden tint on my entire body which is typically pale despite almost zero sun exposure the past week. I can't say it looks too bad, it's like a healthy glow, but if this pace of darkening after just one week keeps up I might have to end this experiment early or drastically lower my dose.

    So my question is this, if I maintain the same dose combined with barely any UV-exposure can I expect further skin darkening or will it stay at this level now that the mt2 is in my system? I'm actually not aiming to become a different ethnicity. Also, I can't find any studies regarding hair darkening induced by mt2, so I'm just wondering how likely this side effect is? I imagine even the smallest bit of extra melanin would make a big difference in my hair color since it's so light to begin with, but is there anybody with light hair who has experienced NO head hair darkening after frequent injections?
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    There is no dosing regimen that is going to only darken your facial hair. Melanotan 2 is designed to increase eumelanin in your body, which causes pigment change in both your skin, and hair.
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    Hey Firedan have you found a good supplier yet? I pmd you last year and you were still looking.

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