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Thread: 1st time on HGH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommix View Post
    Sorry to bring old topic but HGH is VERY DANGEROUS stuff. you can harm yourselfs! Organs grow on this shit! There is SAMRS MK-677 who is almost identical to HGH and have much less side effects. Also no need to inject. SO if you looking for HGH better look for MK-677. Pubmed studies proves it is super effective and acts like GH.

    Also you people fat not because your body missing something, but because you're lazy to help yourself. Also you fucked if you live in USA. That country is just full of shit lies. Also serving sizes in that country is STUPID!!!! in my country SUPER SIZE is like child size in usa.
    Are you saying this from experience? HGH can cause organ growth if it is abused in VERY HIGH doses for a long period of time. Why you say that MK-677 is far safer and have less side effects? The effect from MK-677 and GH is the same - increased GH levels and IGF-1 production. The difference is that MK-677 stimulates your brain to release your own natural GH but HGH is synthetic version of it. The end result though is the same. Honestly, I got worse side effects from MK-677 than GH but I was already expecting that.
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    191aa For older men

    Hey old fella

    Im 66 years old and just started contemplating using HGH. lWill be using A peptide called 191aa. If anyone has experience using this peptide, I would sure appreciate feedbait

    How old are you, and how long have you been cycling HGH?

    Aside from the sleepiness, are you seeing any other effects (tissue growth, Drive, etc.)What are side effects (joint pain, numbness, etc.)

    Do you get tired of injecting?

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