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    What Is YK-11 and What Are Its Bodybuilding Uses?
    In the bodybuilding world, weightlifting isn’t the only thing you need,but also diet, supplementation and YK-11,a kind of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that promotes anabolic activity in the muscle for faster muscle gains. But that may sound surprising, doesn’t it? Well, check out the following sections and see what it does to help you achieve your goals.

    YK-11:The Research Chemical
    Japanese researchers and chemists are keen about discovering the potentials of this research chemical and they did not go home disappointed. Based on initial, non-conclusive studies, they discovered that this SARM is potent in terms of giving users the same anabolic effects that common steroids and muscle enhancing drugs can give.

    There is more to that though, as they also revealed that YK-11 works even better than traditional steroids because it has a stronger anabolic effect to the body; in fact, it binds itself to the androgen receptors of the muscle effectively that it proves to exhibit enormous effects while at the same time inhibiting myostatin effects.

    YK-11:The Process
    Interestingly,the discovery of the compound seemed accidental as it was not until Japanese researchers were screening research chemical for androgenic properties. But that was one of the biggest days for athletes and bodybuilders looking to gain massive muscle.

    Toho University’s Yuichiro Kanno led and published their initial findings about this SARM and discovered that it works by binding with androgen receptors responsible for creating the side effects of androgens in men, including but not limited to muscle growth and increased aggression.

    Commonly,other SARMs have little androgenic side effects and relative anabolic effect if compared with traditional testosterone boosters on the market, but that’s not the case for YK-11(Yuichiro Kanno, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2013).

    In the publication, he exposed that muscle cells create more of the anabolic effects during their exposure to the research chemical at 500 nanomoles versus if they’re exposed to other compounds like DHT at the same amount.

    YK-11:The Benefits and Uses

    MUSCLE STRENGTH: While the research chemical is are latively new discovery, it does not come short but actually generous of muscle strengthening benefits for users. As indicated in the report of Kanno, muscle cells exposed to it creates more anabolic effects than those exposed with DHT.

    On that note, it can be safe to say that it is best for muscle strengthening,without the detrimental effects caused by traditional steroids,including many health risks. What takes place is that it induces muscle cells, stimulating them to create a greater number of follistatin, much better than DHT.

    Additionally, it cannot be ignored that this research chemical, being a SARM works through the muscle’s androgen receptors but does not harm the bones and joints and other body parts where ARs are found—due to its SELECTIVE ACTIVITY.

    MYOSTAT ININHIBITOR: While YK-11 has been proven to work as a great supplement for building muscle strength, especially ideal for bodybuilders and athletes, it is also found to be a great myostatin inhibitor. It is special and valuableas a SARM that acts as a strong androgen but without the side effects you will commonly experience from injectable alternatives, like steroids and prohormones.

    It also works as a myostatin inhibitor. What is myostatin, anyway? This is a type of protein that limits the production and the growth of the muscle tissues, when it is present. So by inhibiting myostatin action, you can actually improve your body’s potential to build bigger and leaner muscle tissue. But while it sounds too good to be true, it has been proven by the scientists themselves.

    What happens is that it also inhibits the production and gradually deactivates follistatin, a myostatin inhibitor. On that note, it can be told that it is a potent and effective myostatin inhibitor aside from its anabolic properties, which means more muscle for you!

    MUSCLE GROWTH: So if you’re looking to experience excellent bodybuilding results, you may want to consider this research chemical, which can be taken at doses between 5 and 8 mg per day at an eight-week cycle. However, you may be concerned about estrogen effects, including breast enlargements, but that’s now out of the picture.

    Because of its selective characteristic, it does what it does very well but only on the anabolic activity of the muscle cells for muscle growth without the adverse estrogen effects, which may cause you humiliation for sporting ‘man boobs.’

    Additionally,this compound does not alter the expression of other genes in the body because it leaves out the androgen receptors in other body parts, including the bones, joints and prostate. Therefore, you can experience great muscle building benefits, except the side effects you might have to face if you would choose typical steroids on the market.

    The best part is that it delivers all the above-mentioned benefits without harming your body, especially your liver—something that you might have to deal with by choosing other prohormones on the market, which may require longer use before any dramatic results can be achieved.

    Since studies are still underway and conclusive details about the compound are yet to be published, side effects cannot be noted at this moment.Based on logs and initial findings, there are no adverse effects noted at all.

    Summing up,YK-11…

    • Promotes muscle strength
    • Inhibits myostatin for muscle growth
    • Increases muscle mass
    • Does not harm the liver

    Are you ready to get all these benefits and more for using SARMs? Then, don’t skip this research chemical on your list.
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